Inaugural Funds

We have completed 18 investments from the two inaugural funds in the Rising Tide Program.

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The US program was made up of 97 investors from more than 20 states and five countries.  It made 10 investments over the period of December 2015-November 2016. Managing partners were Alicia Robb, Next Wave Ventures and Trish Costello, Portfolia.

The Europe program was made up of 92 investors from more than 20 countries. It made 8 investments over the period of December 2015-December 2016. Managing Partners were Brigitte Baumann, Go Beyond Investing and Candace Johnson, European Business Angels Network.

The programs were steered by nine women who are also the lead investors. These successful business women have significant angel investing experience and are dedicated to increasing the number of female business angels worldwide.   The nine lead investors in the US Program are: Victoria Barnard (Missouri); Barbara Clarke (Massachusetts); Juliana Garaizar (Texas); Bethann Kassman (Florida); Catherine Mott (Pennsylvania); Manthi Nguyen (California); Alicia Robb (Colorado); Rachel Sheinbein (California); Wendee Wolfson (Washington, D.C). The nine lead investors in the European Program are: Jeanette Anderson (Sweden); Brigitte Baumann, (Switzerland); Patty Dimond (United Kingdom); Maria Eugenia Giron (Spain); Candace Johnson (France); Florence Korhonen (Finland); Hedda Pahlson-Moller (Luxembourg); Cindy Naegel (Belgium); Selma Prodanovic (Austria).

Bios of the 9 Leads from the United States:

Bios of the 9 Leads from Europe:


The portfolio of investments by US Fund I include:

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          RenovoRx                                                 Tenacity                                                           Poshly
ed865668       UW_Logotype_WhiteTransparent_BIG2     e55508_61f58ba602fd4c51931de76370e1d715
Sandstone Diagnostics                            Unaliwear                                                     OtoSense
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                   Envoy                                                      Parrable                                                            Beneath the Ink
      Try the World

The portfolio of investments by EUROPE  Fund I include:


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The goals of the Rising Tide Angel Training Program are to increase women’s participation in angel investing, provide an attractive return, and educate and train the next wave of angel investors.

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