To apply to participate in the Rising Tide Program and Network and carry the Rising Tide name for your program, please prepare a proposal of no more than five pages, following the format below.

Rising Tide Program Application






  1. Will the program have a Country or Regional focus? (ie. Where will the investors come from? Where will the investments be?)





  1. What angel groups and trade associations will you work with in your country/region? (eg ACA, EBAN, ABAN, ABAF)





  1. Do you currently have your investment committee/lead angel investors selected? If so, describe their track records of successful angel investing. If not, what are the criteria by which you will select the leads?






  1. Define your investment and portfolio strategies (Define both the investment strategy (sector, stage, location), as well as portfolio strategy (number of investments, size of investments, etc.)





  1. How will your source the deal flow in your country/region?




  1. What is the minimum threshold for individual investments to participate in the program?




  1. What is the intended fund size ($1M-$10M)?




  1. What will be the legal structure of the program and fund?





  1. Who will be the Managing Partners?






  1. What educational and training components will you provide in addition to the online resources provided? Will they be virtual or in person? Will you have any quarterly or annual events?






  1. How will you facilitate engagement of your participants in your program, as well as to the wider alumni network?






  1. How will your group contribute to the RTF Global Community?






  1. What is the pricing for the LPs, the compensation for the Lead Investors, and the expected general economics?